With many birthday packages San Antonio residents have to choose from, making a wise decision can be a challenge. Essentially, you should choose a birthday package that will make this special event unforgettable. At On the Rocks Pub, we have the best birthday packages for kids, teens, and adults.

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Custom Birthday Packages

Maybe you want a package that will make your birthday party celebrations unique and most memorable for everybody that will attend. Well, we can come up with a custom package for you. Our custom birthday packages San Antonio options are designed with careful consideration of the number of people that will attend the event.

We also consider the experiences that you want your guests to enjoy. Our staff will be at the site before and during the birthday party. This means you will get all the assistance you need to make your birthday party stand out. Whether you want to include special games, food, or goodies in your package, we will take care of it. Just let us know what you want your birthday package to include and we will be glad to serve you.

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