Function Venues San Antonio

With so many function venues San Antonio options to choose from, making an informed choice can be a challenge. However, this task can be easy if you know what to look for. At On the Rocks Pub, we have experts that have been part of events organization for years. They share tips that should guide you when choosing a venue for your function in San Antonio.

Consider Your Guests

Who do you expect to attend your function? Before you choose a venue for your function, know the guests that you expect at your function. Think about the venue that will appeal to your guests. What’s more, know the number of guests that will attend the function. This will enable you to choose a venue that will accommodate all your guests.


Different function venues San Antonio establishments are located at different places. Therefore, choose a venue whose location makes it accessible to your guests. Proximity of the venue to major transportation links is very important. It ensures that both local and international guests can easily access the venue.


What do people say about the venue that you want to book? What functions is the venue known to host? It is important that you choose a venue that is known to host the same type of functions with yours. That’s because such a venue has the facilities and services you need to make your function successful.

Ample, Secure Parking

Parking is also an important factor to consider when choosing a venue for your function. This is particularly important when expecting guests that will drive from far to attend the function. Your guests need assurance that their vehicles will be safe when they park them outside the function hall or room. Therefore, choose a function venue that provides secure, ample parking.

On the Rocks Pub is one of the best function venues San Antonio establishments. Call us now to make reservation for the best San Antonio function venue!