Venue Space San Antonio

On the Rock Pub is the venue space San Antonio has relied on for years. This is where residents and visitors have held birthday parties, corporate luncheons, and conferences among other events over the years. Holding your event at our venue will make those special moments memorable. We help you leave a lasting impression among your guests. Once you choose On the Rock Pub as the venue space for your event, you enjoy the following benefits.

Memorable Meetings

Our venue makes the meetings of your attendees most memorable. The venue alone is fascinating enough to make your attendees remember your event forever. When you and your attendees look back on your favorite memories, the event that you hold at On the Rock Pub will be among them. That’s because the setting of this venue is simply amazing.

Up Your Event Planning Game

Holding an event at a unique venue is not always easy. On the Rock Pup is the venue space San Antonio residents have used as an alternative venue. It is used by people that think outside the box. This uniqueness of our venue is what will make people remember your event longer. The uniqueness of this venue will definitely please you and your attendees. It will also depict you as an expert in event planning.

Refreshing Space

Take the unbeaten path and hold your event at On the Rock Pub. The environment, ambient and setting of this venue is simply refreshing. It’s this quality that will attract more people to your event. Holding your event at On the Rock Pub will create the refreshing change that many people want to enjoy when attending the event.


Cost has to come into the equation when it comes to choosing an event venue. And, there is no doubt that On the Rock Pub gives you the best value for money. That’s because the setting and services are simply awesome.

Call on the Rock Pub today to book reservation for your event at a venue space San Antonio has loved for years!